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Onira -  Technology 


New generation ribbon tweeter.
5" sandwich diaphragm of only 36mg.
Neodymium magnet.


7" Isotactic Matrix cone (woven polypropylene composite). Linear on a wide frequency range, and
well damped.
Powerful magnet circuit with a 11cm ferrite, and a heavy copper ring on pole piece for reduced non‐linear and modulation distortions.




25mm multilayers, high‐density MDF structure.
Panels pressure molded, on a six bracing skeleton.
Premium solution to achieve an outstanding neutrality of speaker enclosure.




Proprietary DRIM structure..
High‐end audio components: Jantzen coil with 1.4mm² baked wires , Mundorf & Jantzen polypropylene capacitors.
Hand wiring on FR4‐4 oz Pcb.
Silver plated/ copper PTFE internal wiring.




To optimize the dispersal of structure‐borne noise, Onira stands on a central cone positioned on the axis of the center of gravity. The four other spikes are for stability only.
Thanks to its wide section, the port tube placed beneath the loudspeaker, reduce air flow noise and improve room interaction.

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