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2" Ribbon tweeter with sandwich diaphragm (aluminum/ polymer).
Powerful Neodym magnet circuit.
Wide bandwidth, very fast transition.
The customized front panel is CNC machined.


Kalya uses the same 8" Isotactic-Matrix bass/mid unit as the Edena, but with major modifications. Improvements on the Magnet, electro-magnetic protection and mechanical damping.
This drive-unit has a heavy copper ring on the center pole piece and a machined solid copper phase plug.




25 to 30mm multilayers, high density MDF panels (pressure molded).
Laminar structure for coloration free enclosure.
Two large bracing panels for additional mechanical damping.




Proprietary DRIM structure.
Audiophile components: Jantzen coils with 1.4mm² baked wires, high grade polypropylene capacitors.
Crossover hand wired on FR4 Pcb with copper thickness of 140µm.
Internal wiring: Copper silver platted wire – PTFE isolation.
Solid copper/ silver plated binding posts.




The port tube output placed beneath the Kalya and high from the ground, improves the room interaction. Kalya stands on a central cone, positioned on the axis of the center of gravity, in order to improve the flow of vibration energy.
The heavy metal stand uses no less than 20mm aluminum parts and brings solid foundation to the Kalya.

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