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From left to right: Edena - Onira - Enigma tweeters
High sensibility, professional grade ribbon tweeter.
22 cm² sandwich diaphragm of only 88 mg.
Powerful Neodynium magnet.
Wide bandwidth,very fast transition.


2x 8" Mid-woofer with Isotactic Matrix cone (woven polypropylene composite).
This material combines stiffness, lightness and good damping properties.
Excel magnet circuit with a 13 cm ferrite and a long voice coil wound on a titanium former.
A heavy copper ring on the pole piece reduces distortions.




28 to 44 mm multilayers, high-density MDF structure.
Panels pressure molded, on a highly complex ten bracing panels skeleton.
Laminar structure for coloration free enclosure.




Proprietary "DRIM" structure.
High-end audio components: Jantzen coils with 1.4 mm² baked wires, polypropylene capacitors.
Hand wiring on two separate FR4 210 µm Pcb Silver plated/ copper PTFE internal wiring.




The two crossover printed circuits boards and the full copper Mundorf binding post are mounted on a 15 mm CNC machined aluminium plate.


The cabinet stands on a massive baseplate, carved out of a steel billet. The final thickness is no less than 40 mm.
Thanks to its wide section, the port tube placed beneath the loudspeaker, reduces air flow noise and improve room interaction.

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