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New generation ribbon tweeter.
4.8 cm² sandwich diaphragm of only 18 mg.
Powerful neodymium magnet.


8" Mid-woofer with Isotactic Matrix cone (woven polypropylene composite). This material combines stiffness, lightness and good damping properties.
Excel magnet circuit with a 13 cm ferrite and a long voice coil wound on a titanium former.
A heavy copper ring on the pole piece reduces distortions.




25 to 44 mm multilayers, high-density MDF structure.
Panels are pressure molded, on a five bracing panels skeleton.
Laminar structure for coloration free enclosure.




Proprietary "DRIM" structure.
High-end audio components: Jantzen coils with 1 .4 mm² baked wires, polypropylene capacitors, pure copper binding post.
Hand wiring on a FR4- 130 µm Pcb. Internal wiring: High-definition Apertura cable.




To optimize the dispersal of structure-borne noises, Edena stands on a central cone positioned on the axis of the center of gravity.
The four other spikes are for stability only.

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