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Ribbon tweeter.
3" Sandwich diaphragm of only 18mg.
Neodymium magnet.


7" Isotactic Matrix cone (woven polypropylene composite). Linear on a wide frequency range, and
well damped.
Powerful magnet circuit with a 11cm ferrite, and a heavy copper ring on pole piece for reduced non‐linear and modulation distortions.



21mm multilayers, high‐density MDF structure.
Panels pressure molded on a four bracing skeleton.
Premium solution to achieve an outstanding neutrality of speaker enclosure.


Proprietary DRIM structure.
High‐end audio components: Jantzen coil with 1.4mm² baked wires, Mundorf & Jantzen polypropylene capacitors.
Hand wiring on FR4‐4 oz Pcb.
Silver plated/ copper PTFE internal wiring.



To optimize the dispersal of structure‐borne noise, Armonia stands on a central cone positioned on
the axis of the center of gravity.
The four other spikes are for stability only.



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