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Adamante takes up the tweeter used for the very first time on the Enigma.
A ribbon tweeter of professional grade with a very high sensitivity.
22cm² sandwich diaphragm and only 88mg.
Powerful Neodym magnet.
Wide bandwith, very fast transition.
The customized aluminum front panel is CNC machined.


For bass-mid frequencies we are using two of our 6.5’’ isotactic-Matrix cone driver, but with major improvements on the magnet circuit, electromagnetic treatment and mechanical damping.
In order to reduce distortions, we are using a heavy copper ring on the pole piece and now, a solid copper phase plug.



28 to 44mm multilayers, high density MDF structure.
Panels pressure molded, on a highly complex eight bracing panels skeleton.
Laminar structure for coloration free enclosure.



Proprietary « DRIM » structure.
Two separate boards for low and high frequencies.
Only high end components: Jantzen coils with 1.4mm² baked wires, high grade polypropylene capacitors. No less than 37 components are used for a single Adamante.
Crossover hand wired on FR4 epoxy Pcb with copper thickness of 210µm. Internal wiring: Copper silver platted wire – PTFE isolation.
Solid copper/ silver plated binding post.



The cone, the front and back metal stands are fastened to a 10mm steel coupling plate.
Thanks to its wide section, the port tube placed beneath the loudspeaker, reduces the air flow noise and improve room interaction.
Like all other Apertura speakers, Adamante stands on a central cone, positioned on the axis of the center of gravity.


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