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Ariana mkII

 -  Introduction   


Despite its slim dimensions, Ariana uses 21mm thick panels, unusual for a loudspeaker in this category.Four pierced bracing planes carefully placed allow substantial gains in enclosure vibration damping, particularly in the vulnerable central part of the panels.

A 30mm base contributes to the stability of the enclosure and increases its inertia, improving high–level transient performance.
Floor‐coupling is by four adjustable spikes.

The mkII version of the Ariana uses a new generation mid/ woofer from the well-known Norwegian manufacturer: Seas.
This driver cone material is a mix of reed and paper pulps, offering a linear response over a large bandwidth.
On this new driver a stronger magnetic circuit brings a significant improvement on speed and dynamic.

High frequencies are provided by a member of the famous "Ring Radiator" family of tweeters, developed by Scan Speak in Denmark.
In addition to its unusual profile, it has a central bullet shaped waveguide and a rear damped chamber.
The result is an extended frequency response, both at the top end (to above 40kHz), and at the bottom end to allow easier coupling with the bass/mid range drive unit.

The crossover makes use of our proprietary "DRIM" structure, developed by Christian Yvon.

The steep slopes of this structure provide the greatest linearity, and the right time alignment to respect natural timbres.

Musically, Ariana has a very accurate tonal balance. Cohesion between the different registers is flawless.
Low frequency response is surprising for a speaker of this size. It does not suffer from the usual flattering warmth in the low midrange. The linear phase optimization allows the construction of a three dimensional soundstage.